Why Vaccinate??


With all the hype surrounding the issues and concerns about vaccinations, what’s to believe?

There has been no credible proof at all that vaccinations can cause autism, or any other diseases or abnormalities.

Fact, certain diseases are making a comeback due to the fact that fewer people are getting immunizations. The Globe and Mail recently wrote an article outlining the recent outbreaks of measles. What was once put to bed, is now coming back to bite all the non believers in the butt.

According to the Public Health Agency of Canada, the amount of cases of measles, has greatly increased in a six-year span. In 2006, only 6 cases of measles was reported. With great discrepancy, 750 cases were reported in 2011.

Measles, along with many other diseases that requires a vaccine to ward off any possible contamination, is not necessarily  fatal, but has many terrible side effects among which includes deafness and pneumonia.

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